Why You Should Visit A Japanese Hair Salon

Why You Should Visit A Japanese Hair Salon

Ever wondered what’s on the style menu at a Japanese hair salon? Well, we’ve done a little research so we can deliver you the goods. Here are just some of the indulgences you will find…

The Japanese hair salon tends to offer more than just the standard cuts and colour, but a full beautifying experience for your follicles. Quality and professionalism is a top priority, with a specially curated team of stylists, so to have one that can match the personal style of the client, and make your end product as envisaged.

Here are some reasons why you should visit a Japanese hair salon in your city.

First… a list of services found at a Japanese hair salon.


  1. Cut

Stylists with many years of experience, skill development and craftsmanship developed in Japan, bring their expertise and creativity to the table for a high-quality, professional job.

Cuts can be done dry or wet…

A specialty in these shops is the entirely dry cut. Stylists claim that, compared to when ends are wet, the dryness allows them to more carefully observe where these fall naturally, and so can more accurately judge shape, movement, texture and volume.


  1. Colour

These stylists also have lots training in achieving the desired colour intensities, whether it be for highlights, lowlights, or balayage, as achieved through precise use of foils, and only products of utmost quality.


  1. Straightening

straight hair

Is technical work at a Japanese hair salon. Attain a soft, silky smooth aesthetic for your do. Straightening of this kind involves a chemical straightening service known as Thermal Reconditioning.

What is this? A process causing the follicle structure to change, in turn reducing body volume and making your do completely straight and sleek.

The great thing is, being a chemical change, straightening of this kind is permanent and will last until the straightened follicles entirely grow out from the root. Additionally, it’s far less prone to frizz from humidity, wind, and so forth.

The process doesn’t forget to give you a super conditioning and treatment to ensure the ends are moisturized and left in a healthy, luscious state. Staff at a Japanese hair salon are exceptionally careful in minimizing damage to follicles. Enjoy a glossy, smooth, shiny, low-maintenance do!


  1. Herbal Henna

Is a natural no chemical base colorant and strengthener. An ideal treatment for damaged follicles, it strengthens and rejuvenates your do to a full-bodied, glossy, healthy texture and aesthetic.

The henna comes in a range of colours – red, blue, dark brown, black and burgundy. These are designed to coat gray locks and give you a natural shiny glow all over.

If you aren’t already convinced to give it a try, find below some more reasons you should choose a Japanese hair salon as your chic stylist…


  1. Quality products – general commercial products don’t have a place here. Only the most exquisite brands such as Schwarzkopf are used.
  2. Wide range of services – everything from an endless list of cut styles, colours, treatments, blow dries, straightening and perms.
  3. Customer experience come first – the shops are intended to make you feel like you are in an environment of utmost care and professionalism in its services, ensuring they truly deliver on this. The Japanese hair salon is a place of relaxation and comfort.


Service to you is one of 100% care and respect. Plus the staff are always keen for a friendly chat.

  1. Latest technologies – just like trends change, so do technologies and these shops like to employ the most recent advancements to bring you impressive cutting edge cuts.
  2. Convenience – a Japanese hair salon can be found in many metropolitan CBD locations such as Sydney. There are several great picks here. Such a location makes them easy access to this range of services for all. With Google Maps and technologies of the like, it’s made all too easy also to find the shop.




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