Why the use of a drinking water fountain is good for your health and the environment

Why the use of a drinking water fountain is good for your health and the environment

Why the use of a drinking water fountain is good for your health and the environment

A drinking water fountain is a great way to stay hydrated on your daily jog, your outdoor activity at the local park or even when you’re at work and need some hydration. Regardless of the situation or the environment you are in, a drinking water fountain is great for your health and is a convenient way to stay hydrated. People all across the population often forget to keep themselves hydrated, and the majority of people do not drink the recommended hydration intake amount every day. Consequently, this can lead to effects such as headaches, fatigue, dry skin and lips and so on. Having easy access to a hydration station means that you can negate these effects and keep yourself healthy day in and day out. To add to this, a drinking water fountain is good for the environment. Environmental awareness is so important in this day and age, due to the looming threat of climate change which can affect our access to drinks and hydration.

Bottled water and the environment

Drinking water fountain

Plastic bottles are a popular choice for hydration for many people, however it is quite damaging to the environment, and a drinking water fountain would be a much better choice. Plastic bottles require a good amount of plastic in their development and production, and this leads to a further need for recycling. To add to this, some people end up leaving the bottles elsewhere or littering, which can lead to an increase in plastic pollution in the environment. Obviously, these are all issues which can affect the environment in a negative way and should be mitigated as much as possible. Using a drinking water fountain means you are reducing the need for plastic bottle use, which in turn leads to reduced plastic pollution in the environment.


A drinking water fountain adds convenience to any environment it is placed in. They are most commonly recognized in environments such as gyms, outdoor parks, community areas and recreational areas. This way, they are convenient to those who frequent these locations, and may need hydration. They are also a great addition for offices which need hydration stations for their employees and can be placed in strategic areas with high footfall in order to make a convenient place to stay hydrated. A drinking water fountain can be installed anywhere and is a great choice due to its easy of accessibility for all and for the hydration it provides to the people who use it.

Health benefits

It is obvious to all that you must stay hydrated but using a drinking water fountain means that you have the access to stay hydrated all the time. Many people often do not get the recommended hydration intake everyday simply because they do not have any hydration on their person at the time and will simply drink when they have to. With a drinking water fountain, you always have access to hydration, and will be much more likely to stay hydrated and healthy. By using these products in your environment, you will see the community around you stay hydrated as a result.

In summary, a drinking water fountain is a great amenity to have for a number of reasons. They provide convenience, hydration and health and are great for the environment. They help to reduce the number of plastic bottles used and can thereby reduce environmental pollution subsequently. A drinking water fountain is an amenity which will be much appreciated by the community and by other people within the environment that they will be installed in.

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