What People Don’t Tell You When You Get Braces In Hawkesbury


What People Don’t Tell You When You Get Braces In Hawkesbury

When you tell your friends and family members that you are getting braces in Hawkesbury they start telling you stories that can be quite scary. Before I had my set to be fitted I was told stories of how you can’t eat certain foods or that your mouth constantly tastes of metal. So naturally when I when in to the orthodontist to actually get them installed I was petrified.

However after having them for a couple of years everyone was simply blowing everything out of proportion. There is a lot of advice out there about getting your braces in Hawkesbury but there is also some things that no one tells you. So we talked to several people who went through the experience to put together a few things that people don’t tell you when you get your braces in Hawkesbury.


They aren’t meant to hurt

While people say that they hurt that aren’t meant to cause sharp pain. While they may sting for a little bit when the wires get tightened, sharp pains indicate that something is wrong and you should go and see your dentist straight away.

What I personally found was that the spacers that you have put in before your actual braces in Hawkesbury hurt a lot more than the metal. If you can get through that pain you will be fine for the couple of years that you will wear them.


You have to brush your teeth after every meal

A lot of people will tell you that you will have food stuck in teeth after every meal, they don’t tell you that you have to actually brush your teeth after every meal. You get these special little tools that go in between the wires so that you can push out the mushed up food that is stuck.

If you aren’t brushing your teeth properly it can lead to your enamel starting to erode. This is because since you have an obstacle to get around, you may miss some food that is stuck.


You should listen to what foods you can’t eat

Many people who got their braces in Hawkesbury will tell you that you can eat anything when you have them. This couldn’t be more incorrect as certain foods can move and damage the metal in your mouth. Sticky and chewy lollies, such as redskins, can easily rip out the molar spacers which can lead to some very painful journeys to the dentist.

Also whole apples are really bad for your teeth during these times! If you bite into them incorrectly you can rip off the front support which yet again means you have another trip to the dentist.


You will eat the rubber bands…a lot

If you are correcting your bite you more than likely have some rubber bands placed in special places to realign your bite. Your orthodontist will tell you that you will more than likely eat a few and that they are completely safe. But what they don’t tell you is that you will eat a lot of them. They give you a big bag of spares for a reason. Bands that go in between your upper and lower jar are the easy victims to be swallowed.


The time flies past

One of the things I remember personally about having braces in Hawkesbury is that the time flies past so quickly. If you get them installed at the beginning of high school, by the time you reach year 11 when your school ball comes around you won’t have to be embarrassed about your smile.


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