What is a Busy Light? – Understanding the New Office Device


What is a Busy Light? – Understanding the New Office Device

You may have heard or seen of these little devices that have the capability to transform office productivity but do you really understand how they work? It can be all well and good to know of something but if you don’t know exactly what they are and what they do you won’t be able to reap the benefits for yourself.

This has been the case with many new innovative things in the business world. People were hesitant to jump on the cryptocurrency trend but those that did were rewarded immensely. To make sure you and your business doesn’t fall behind to your competitors we have put together a short little guide to help you understand what a busy light is and how it can help your business.


So what are they?

To jump straight into what a busy light, they are a device that plugs into your computer or laptop and emits a colour depending upon your availability. Green signals that you are available, red means you’re busy and amber can signify that you are away from your desk.

The purpose of a busy light is to show to your co-workers your availability before they walk on over to your desk breaking their concentration when you are not. Many studies have found that even small lapses in our concentration can take up to 40 minutes to get back into the groove of where we once were. This way everyone can remain focused so hours aren’t lost at work.


Are they complicated to work?

You may think that something with all these capabilities surely is hard to install and operate? Well it’s quite the opposite to be exact. The set up process requires that you install the software onto your laptop or computer and then all you have to do is plug in the busy light. From there it will be able to recognize and connect to all the online based web meeting tools that you have installed.

Some common ones that are fully integratable with busy lights are Skype and Microsoft Teams. They can also be programmed to sync to your mobile device so that no matter what platform or medium you are taking a call on, your office will know where you are and what you are doing.


Different busy lights for different offices

Offices and workspaces differ from business to business so it is important that there is a device to suit your individual needs. A paperweight like device sitting on your desk is no use to a call centre where many phones are running off the hook all the time. The companies that manufacture these devices know this and have made several different models to accommodate for all different workspaces.

There is the classic module that sits on your desk or the top of your cubicle. These are the more classic designs where they emit the colour and can also be programmed to play a jingle when you are getting a call. This can be very useful for working environments where multiple people are using the same platform as the default ringtone can get confusing.

Mini models are also available which can be attached to laptops. These variants are great for open space work environments that encourages people use their laptops on big tables.

If you read the call centre scenario and were hoping there was a model tailored to you then you are in luck. There is a model variant that can be attached to headsets so people can easily recognize when people are on a call and not just talking to someone in their vicinity.

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