What Are Plantation Shutters And How They Can Improve Any Home


What Are Plantation Shutters And How They Can Improve Any Home

Everyone has a different opinion of what looks beautiful and what suits a space. When choosing the best coverage for your windows between louvres and blinds, ziptrak blinds and plantation shutters have you covered in terms of your window needs.


You maybe be asking, what are plantation shutters? They are basically wooden louvres mounted in a solid frame. You can move the louvres with a rod that is hidden at the back or in the middle. The biggest difference between these and blinds is that these also insulate your home while blinds only block out light, this is due to the material in which they are made up of. They can also reflect heat back outside reducing both cooling and heating of your home.


When it comes to your weekly or monthly cleaning unlike blinds that can discolour over time, all they need to keep them looking new is a simple wipe with a damp cloth. Regular cleaning can keep them looking new for a long time keeping a luxurious look in your home.


When choosing to use a reputable company for your plantation shutters you are going to receive quality materials. None of this fake or cheap wood covered in a laminate, you will receive 100% real products. You also receive a product covered in a superior paint so you won’t have flaking window coverings creating an eyesore in your home. There are many fin designs for you to choose from.. You choose your shape, colour, whether you want gloss or matte, you may choose a crackle look or even fabric covered, the sky is the limit. To ensure your finishes are flawless they use a 2 pack polyurethane paint. This is the same paint used in high end cabinetry.


roller blinds


Another advantage of having plantation shutters is you have control over privacy and air flow. While manipulating the louvres you can place them into a position that can create airflow while ensuring you have complete privacy.


Their stylish designs can spruce up any home. Because you have the choice of how you want yours to look you have the opportunity to match them to any décor or use them to set the scene for your redesign.


When you choose to go down this road a plantation shutter advisor will come to your home for a personal quote. You can ask them advice on all your options and they will be happy to give you some styling tips. By attending your home they can ensure that you receive quality customer service and give you the best of products. Measurements will also be made by an experienced consultant to ensure that your window coverings fit right the first time.


Blinds, being fabric will fade over time due to the suns harmful ray’s. Because these are made from only the best product they will last a very long time. They will not flake, warp or peel. You can enjoy quality for as long as you are living in your home. They never go out of fashion. You can have peace of mind knowing you do not need to update them if you ever want to restyle your room. So perhaps you do want a new look then easily you can have your louvres replaced while keeping your original frame saving you a lot of wasted funds.


Another key benefit is added security. Blinds cannot offer anything in the form of security. These nifty louvres have a locking feature. This will provide added security and as such you could even be eligible for a discount on your insurance.


There are many benefits for you to consider and all of which you can get for a very reasonable price.

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