Is helicopter training in Sydney worth it?

Is helicopter training in Sydney worth it

Is helicopter training in Sydney worth it?

Thinking about trying helicopter training in Sydney? Many individuals want to learn to fly a helicopter. Helicopter piloting has grown in popularity as a result of years of exposure to the sport on television and in movies. Due to the expense, time effort, and other variables, helicopter training in Sydney seems like an unachievable aspiration for many individuals.

If you’re looking for an exciting and fulfilling activity, learning to fly a helicopter is a great option. You may even make a career out of your passion for helicopters by undertaking helicopter training in Sydney to be a professional pilot or an instructor for those aspiring to become pilots themselves.

We’ll walk you through the process of learning to fly in this post.


To begin, let’s talk about the requirements for becoming pilot. These are the prerequisites for obtaining a certification in helicopter flying.

To become a private helicopter pilot, you must be at least 16 years old. A commercial helicopter pilot must be at least 17 years old in order to pursue this career path.

To undertake helicopter training in Sydney you’ll also need fluency in English in order to get a licence. These skills include fluency in reading, writing, speaking, and comprehending English. Everyone must adhere to the same rules and communicate openly in order to ensure the safety of the group.

Certification of Medical Exams: You’ll also need to pass a medical test in order to fly.

Requirements for Different Types of Licenses

As a future pilot, you’ll also need to consider your career aspirations. Are you interested in taking up flying as a pastime or a way to have some fun and excitement on the weekends? Are you thinking about doing helicopter training in Sydney to become a professional pilot?

Look at the numerous sorts of helicopter pilot licences, the qualifications for each, as well as the privileges that come with each.

Helicopter Private Pilot’s Certificate of Competency

Helicopter training Sydney

In order to become a helicopter pilot, you must first get this certificate or licence. With this certification, renting an aircraft and going on a solo flight is possible.

If you want to fly a helicopter for hire or earn money, you’ll need a different kind of licence and helicopter training in Sydney.  

For a private license you’ll need:

  • Total flying time of 40 hours
  • An approved instructor conducts 20 hours of classroom and flying instruction.
  • 3 hours of helicopter cross-country flying instruction
  • 3 hours of night flying practise
  • Cross-country flights of at least 50 nautical miles are required (at night)
  • Ten take-offs and ten touchdowns (to a full stop)
  • Preparation for the practical exam included three hours of flying instruction
  • Solo flying time in a helicopter for ten hours
  • 3 hours of flying time for a cross-country trip (solo)
  • Flights must be at least 75 nautical miles long and include three or more stops and a minimum of one segment of 25 nautical miles in length from departure to landing.
  • At an airport with a functioning control tower, three flights arrive safely after three take-offs and landings.
  • Pass a written examination with flying colours.
  • Pass the oral examination
  • Pass a simulated flight exam with flying colours.

To put it plainly, this isn’t something you can do in a couple of weeks or a few weekend courses. To be able to safely pilot a helicopter, one must acquire the requisite expertise over time.

Pilot’s License for Commercial Helicopters

The next helicopter pilot licence you can get with helicopter training in Sydney is this one. You’ll be able to accomplish anything you could do with a private pilot’s certificate, plus you’ll be able to work as a helicopter pilot and earn money.

To become a commercial helicopter pilot, you must meet the following requirements:

  • A valid pilot’s licence is required.
  • As a pilot, you must have logged at least 150 hours of flying time.
  • At least 100 of those hours must be spent flying a helicopter.
  • Pilot in command training, night flying, and cross-country flight criteria must also be met.
  • Successfully complete a written and oral examination
  • Pass the pre-flight practise exam.
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