How To Find Value When Purchasing Flower Girl Dresses

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How To Find Value When Purchasing Flower Girl Dresses

Sourcing suitable flower girl dresses for the big occasion is not a simple task.

Whether it is the parents, siblings, aunt, uncle, grandparents or family friends seeking a garment that will tick all of the boxes, picking out value in the marketplace can be a real skill.

As the little girl takes the steps down the isle to toss the petals and be picture perfect for the big day, there should be some considerations as to what constitutes value.

Here we will outline what will work well for the wedding as she joins the bridal party with confidence.


Type of Material

The type of the material for flower girl dresses will go a long way to indicating whether or not you have found true value. This will speak to their comfort level, the durability, its photogenic quality and more. Some of these items will be able to meet one or two of those needs, but not all of them simultaneously. Silk for one breathes very well and is a comfort to wear, but has no durability to tear and rip at a moments notice. Satin choices are able to meet that beautiful aesthetic with a stronger level of durability. Organza offers similar qualities whereas velvet offers a richness that is hard to source through other materials. It is important to have a feel and speak with the provider about how you can gain true long-term value, yet the safe option appears to be satin.


Style of Bridal Party

It will be entirely up to you as the consumer whether or not synchronizing the style of flower girl dresses with the remainder of the bridal party is part of the overall plan. These garments will be a bigger investment on their part and there won’t be the same financial burden for the flower girl. Depending on the outlet and their policy, there could be an opportunity to score a dress of this type as part of a package with other products, but this will not be a universal offering. Speak with the bride about her plans on this subject first.


Sync With The Season

There are materials that will suitable for certain seasons when it comes to buying valuable flower girl dresses. Velvet is perfect for those cold winter months when there could be high winds, sleet or snow in the region. Then there are many others that can breathe well during the spring and summer months, like the transparent chiffon fabric, silk or satin options. If there is a cooler climate, the inclusion of a jacket could compliment the attire appropriately.


The Price Tag

price tag

The final talking point for picking out value with flower girl dresses is simply the price tag. Given the size may be minimal to be tea-length or something a little more formal with a floor-length option, consumers really should not look to push their budget beyond $100 retail. There could be some exceptions if there are floral accompaniments, a beautiful necklace or a jacket, but the item itself should be reasonably listed. Some shoppers can hunt out a bargain for below $50 if they can source an outlet that is promoting a sale, has loyalty points or offers the discount with the purchase of a complete bridal dress.


Give Yourself Time

The final piece of advice that should be taken onboard when seeking flower girl dresses on a budget is to give yourself as the consumer as much time as possible. Ensuring that the garment is made of the right materials, matches the bridal party, is in line with the season and happens to be affordable could be too much of an ask – at short notice.





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