How to Ask Relevant Question of Your Sydney Wedding Photographer

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How to Ask Relevant Question of Your Sydney Wedding Photographer

Sitting down to have a discussion with your Sydney wedding photographer should be a matter of hashing out the details.

Yet during these talks as a couple, clients can find out features that may make the partnership more appealing or raises red flags that should signal a shift in provider.

Finding these details out is not a matter of luck, but an ability to ask the relevant questions of the professional.


What Is Your Style?

The style of a Sydney wedding photographer is the factor that will either make them appealing as a candidate or lead to further examination. From classical to intimate, modern to nouveau riche, there is a wide array of styles out there in the marketplace because, even though it is a business, photography is still an art form. The pictures will be the canvas they work from and couples will have to decide what format and presentation they prefer the best.


How Do You Quote?

The quoting policy is fundamental when quizzing a Sydney wedding photographer about their practice. If they offer financial incentives and discounts, push them on how they can bundle a package together. If there are added fees that could blow out the budget after the fact, secure that in writing. Given the amount of various costs that are incorporated into these events, it is vital to take measures that protect the budget.


Are You Free To Travel/Where Are You Based?

There will be one Sydney wedding photographer who will only work within certain geographic parameters, staying either north of the bridge around the Northern Beaches or Hills District, or remaining centered within the limits of the Eastern Suburbs or Inner West. Other professional outlets are happy not only to roam around one domain to the next, but they will venture outside the city limits south to Canberra or north up the Central Coast. Destination events are becoming more commonplace in 2019 so during consultations with the expert, see whether or not the geography of the location is suitable to their own travel arrangements.


How Involved Are You In The Creative Process?


The involvement that a Sydney wedding photographer can have on the creative process will depend on their photography style and their approach with the couple. The best practitioners will offer advice and have a handful of principles and policies that they stick to regardless of the environment, but they will also listen to feedback and be flexible with ideas. Those professionals that have a heavy footprint on the event by issuing continual demands and prevent the day from being a seamless transition are not to be considered. That will only add to the stress and tension.


Can We Have Access To Your Full Catalogue?

Transparency is the aim of the game when it comes to dealing with a Sydney wedding photographer during those first couple of consultations. If there are events they do not wish to broadcast or sections of their history that they are failing to disclose, that could be a red flag. It is those experienced operators who have years behind them in the industry that are happy to showcase their work, dating back years or even decades. The more they are able to show, spanning different locations, couples and profiles of ceremonies, the more clients will be able to invest trust in their expertise.



Sitting down with a Sydney wedding photographer to ask open questions should only be considered part of the process for couples who want the best practitioner available. Given the range of services on offer for the soon-to-be newlyweds, there is nothing to stop a husband, wife or husbands and wives to shop their business around elsewhere. Engage online sites that offer ratings and reviews to social media accounts and other references that give a more wholesome picture of their work.


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